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The GOPD is one of the first points of call to the Hospital by patients, from where they are managed or referred to the respective specialty clinics for further care. Patients must obtain OPD folders at the records office before they see a doctor at the cost of N200:00 as well as N200:00 as utility charges. Patients are expected to renew their case folders at least once in a year with the payment of N200:00, Paediatrics card N100:00, utility N50:00 renewal N100:00.

GOPD operates from Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 1:00PM, afternoon to 2:00PM to 9:00PM, weekends and public holidays 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Accident and Emergency services are available 24 hours including weekends and public holidays at the Accident and Emergency Department. All medical and surgical emergencies are attended to promptly. This includes paediatric (children) emergencies at the Emergency Paediatric Unit in Khalifa Isyaku Rabiu Complex and Gynea Emergency Ward.


It was established to advocate for blood donation from individuals, communities and group for use  on the hospital indigent and needy patients. The center welcomes people willing to donate blood voluntarily.


Anti-natal and delivery services to pregnant women and other services related to general health are provided. Anti-natal clinics are run Monday to Thursday from 7:00am while Gynae Clinics runs on Monday - Thursday from 2:00pm.


The Hospital runs various specialty clinics. Below are some of the clinics and Clinics days:

Department Type of Clinic clinic Day Time
MEDICINE Hypertensive, Renal & Cardiac Mondays 8:00am
  Neurology/Dermatology, Rheamatology Tuesday 8:00am
  Chest & Haematology Wednesday 8:00am
  GIT/Endocrine/Diabets Thursday 8:00am
  RVD(S. S. Wali) Mon - Fri 8:00am
SURGERY General Surgery Team A & B Monday 8am & 12pm
  Orthopedics Wednesday 8:00am
  Urology Thursday 8:00am
E. N. T. Ear, Nose and Throat Mon - Thurs 8:00am
OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY Anti-Natal Mon - Thurs   8:00am
  Gynea Mon - Thurs   8:00am
  Infant Welfare & Reproductive Health Mon - Fri  8:00am
OPHTHALMOLOGY General Ophthalmology Cases Mon - Thurs   8:00am
  Refraction Friday  8:00am
DENTAL & MAXILLOFACIAL SERVICES Special Maxillofacial Services  Mon - Fri   8:00am
  Dental Services  Mon - Fri   8:00am
PSYCHIATRY Psychiatry  Tue & Thur   8:00am
PAEDIATRIC Sickle Cell Diseases  Thursday   8:00am
  Cardiac  Wednesday   8:00am
  Neurology  Thursday   8:00am
  RVD (SS Wali Center)  Mon - Fri  8:00am
PHYSIOTHERAPY  Physiotherapy  Mon - Fri  8am and afternoon (on appointment


Admissions are strictly through the GOPD, A & E and Specialty Clinics. Patients on admission enjoy our hospitality and care from our team of health professionals. Patients feeding arrangements are available the hospital's Catering Department. Patients will be provide with a uniform at the point of admission which he/she is expected to wear throughout his/her stay in the Hospital.

Initial deposits for Admission

  • Accident and Emergency          - N10,000:00
  • Paediatrics Emergency             - N 5,000:00
  • General Ward                         - N20,000:00
  • Single Bed Amenity Room         - N50,000:00
  • Double Bed Amenity Room        - N30,000:00
  • Paediatrics General Ward          - N 5,000:00
  • Paediatrics Surgical Ward          - N10,000:00
  • Gynae Amenity                        - N15,000:00 
  • Gynae Emergency                    - N10,000:00                                                                 All charges are subject to periodic review by Hospital Management 


The hospital has well equipped laboratories and radio diagnostic facilities for examinations in Chemical Pathology, Heamatology, Microbiology, Parasitology, Virology and Histopathology. We also have facilities for 3D Ultra Sound Scanning, C. T. Scanning, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, E.C.G, Spirometry, Mammography, Angiography and ERCP.


Medical retainership services are private services which are available for corporate organizations and individuals. A separate unit is provided the Hospital. For further information contact Secretary  Retainership Committee or Information Unit of the Hospital. For more on Retainership Services, Click here for more 


The Management has made it a duty that as you come into the Hospital and register as a patient, you becomes our guest. You are free to exercise your basic civil rights. However, while you are on admission, none of your relations will be allowed to stay with you and your feeding will be provided in the hospital. It is expected that you will abide by the hospital's rules and regulations


The Hospital is a free paying health facility, therefore, you are required to pay for the services rendered at the designated points. Currently deposit/charges for various services are available . You are free to obtain information on the charges at the designated payment points. You should try and make payment directly and avoid giving money to staff or others to assists.

Complaints and Suggestions

If you Complaint or suggestion to make to make on our staff or services, you can talk directly to SERVICOM  officers, respective Heads of Department, Ward Managers, Information Unit, or write and drop in the suggestion boxes located at various points in the Hospital.

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