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The Department of Medicine was established in 1990 and has achieved considerable growth over MUSA BABASHANIthe last 2 decades. Since its inception the department has pursued vigorous staff training and recruitments in relevant areas towards ensuring a competent academic and support manpower as well as acquisition of appropriate teaching and research facilities and equipment in line with its major objectives of ensuring the provision of excellent clinical care to patients, training of disciplined and professionally competent undergraduates and postgraduate students, and involvement in relevant clinical research that would have direct bearing on improvement of care of patients in our environment.

  Departmental Units:

As at December 2012, there are 25 Consultants and 43 residents in the department. The consultants are listed below and each is at least a Fellow of West African College of Physicians (FWACP) or National Medical College of Physicians (FMCP) or both. Some have Masters of Sciences from foreign universities and or Member Royal College of Physicians (MRCP), Fellow of American College of Physicians (FACP), Fellow American College of Endocrinologists (FACE), Fellow of Royal College of Physicians London (FRCP), etc

  1. Gastroenterology Unit:
      1. Prof. Musa Muhammad Borodo, MBBS, FMCP
      2. Prof. Samaila Alhaji Adamu, MBBS, FWACP
      3. Prof. Sadiq S. Wali, MBBS, FMCP, FWACP, FRCP.
  2. Nephrology
      1. Dr. Bappa Adamu, MBBS, FWACP
      2. Dr. Aliyu Abdu, MBBS, MSc Witswaterstrand, FMCP
      3. Dr Aisha Nalado, MBBS, FWACP .
  3. Cardiology
      1. Prof. Mahmoud Umar Sani, MBBS, FWACP, FACP
      2. Prof. Kamilu Musa Karaye, MBBS, MSc Cardiology [Lond], FWACP.
      3. Dr. Muhammad Sani Mijinyawa, MBBS, FWACP
  4. Pulmonology
      1. Dr. Musa Babashani, MBBS, FWACP, FCCP
      2. Dr Musa B Maiyaki , MBBS, FWACP, FCCP
  5. Infectious & Tropical Diseases
      1. Prof Abdulrazaq Garba Habib, MBBS, MSc Epid [Lond], MRCP(UK), FWACP, FRCP[Lond], FAMS [Infect Dis], CTH
      2. Dr Ibrahim Muhammad Nashabaru, MBBS, FWACP
      3. Dr Hamza Muhammad, MBBS FMCP
      4. Dr Garba Iliyasu, MBBS FMCP
  6. Dermatology
      1. Dr. Shehu Muhammad Yusuf, MBBS, MSc Derm [Lond], FWACP
      2. Dr Hassan Mohammed, MBBS, FWACP.
  7. Endocrinology & Metabolism
      1. Dr. Andrew Enemako Uloko, MBBS, FMCP, FACE,
      2. Dr Ibrahim D. Gezawa MD, FMCP.
  8. Neurology
      1. Dr. Lukman Femi Owolabi, MBBS, MSc, FMCP, FWACP
      2. Dr Aliyu Ibrahim, MBBS, FMCP.
  9. Clinical Haematology
      1. Dr Abdulhamid Isa Dutse, MBBS, FWACP, DCP
      2. Dr. Baffa Adamu Gwaram, MBBS, MPH, FMCP 
  10. Rhematology
      1. Dr Daiyabu Ibrahim MBBS, FWACP

Residency Training

Current Postgraduate students (residents) engaged in professional fellowship programmes – 43 residents (28 senior registrars and 15 registrars). The Senior Registrars are supervised in the conduct of their dissertations by the consultants/lecturers of the department. The postgraduate training programmes include:

  1. Case Presentation and Literature Review                      - weekly
  2.  Mortality Review                                                     - weekly
  3. Clinico pathology conference                                      - monthly
  4. Journal Review or Research Review                              - weekly
  5. Joint Hospital Presentation                                         - Bi-weekly
  6. Academic Consultant Presentation and Research reviews - monthly
  7. Clinical Postgraduate Drills                                         - weekly
  8. Essay/Short Answer Drills                                          - Monthly/quarterly
  9. Joint Medicine – Radiology meeting                              - Monthly 

Other trainings/Activities:

  1. The department undertakes periodic training for dialysis doctors, technicians and nurses from other centers in the country.
  2. The department supported the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria in organizing  Update Course for Part 1 and 2 Candidtes for NPMCN in Internal Medicine, Kano, September, 2012  - Organized and Chaired by Dr MM borodo


The department provides specialist outpatient and in-patient services in general internal Medicine and all the specialties listed above. In addition it also provides specialist diagnostic services in Endoscopy, Electrocardiography, Echocardiography, Electroencephalofraphy, Electromyography and nerve conduction studied. In the coming year it hoped that 24 hour ambulatory ECG (Holter) will start.

Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancencreatoraphy (ERCP):

The year 2012 also witnessed the commencement of ERCP in the gastroenterology unit of the department, which is the first of its kind in the country. In November 2012, the department hosted Prof Adrian Hartfield from the Imperial College and Hammersmith Hospital London UK, who just started the program

   Newly installed ERCP Machine


The department is into research and many publications came from the department. Some of the publications by staff members in the year 2012 are listed below:

  1. Karaye KM, Habib AG. Dyslipidaemia in patients with established cardiovascular disease in Sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Eur J Prev Cardiol 2012;
  2. Karaye KM, Sai’du H, Shehu MN. Right ventricular dysfunction in a hypertensive population stratified by patterns of left ventricular geometry. Cardiovasc J Afr 2012; 23(9): 478-482.
  3.  Karaye KM, Mijinyawa MS, Yakasai AM, Kwaghey V, Joseph GA, Iliyasu G, Yola IM, Abubakar SB, Habib AG. Cardiac and Hemodynamic Features following Snakebite in Nigeria. Int J Cardiol 2012; 156(3): 326-328.
  4. Babashani M et al. Patterns and Predictors of Cigarrete Smoking Among HIV-Infected Patients in Northern Nigeria. International Journal of STD and AIDS (2012)
  5. Babashani M et al. Seroprevalence of Major Blood Borne Infections Among Blood Donors in Kano. Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences, 2012, 42; 337-34.
  6. Tijjani BM, Borodo MM et al. ABO and Rhesus blood group among blood donors in Kano, North western NigeriaNigerian Journal of Basic and Clinical sciences. Jan-June 2012. PP 11-13
  7. Tijjani BM et al . Schistosomiasis mimicking gastric cancer: a case report. Journal of gastroenterology and hepatology in Nigeria. Vol 4 No1  June 2012. (Bashir M Tijjani)
  8. Tijjani BM et al Relationship between ABO blood group and ABH secretor status in Kano North western Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Medicine; Vol 21, No 4 October-December 2012.
  9. Babashani M et al, Assessment of Respiratory Symptoms and Lung Function Among Textile Workers at Kano Textile Mills, Kano. Nig Journal of Clinical Practice. Oct – Dec. 2012. Vol 15 Issue 4.
  10. Owolabi LF, Ibrahim A. Clinical Profile of Parkinsonian Disorders in the Tropics: Experience at Kano, North-Western Nigeria. Journal of Neurosciences in Rural Practice. September – December 2012. Vol. 3 3:237-241.
  1. Uloko AE, Yusuf SM, Puepet FH, Adeniyi AF, Gezawa ID, Sada KB, Adamu B,   Nalado AM. Assessment of Quality of Glycaemic Control And Chronic Complications of Diabetes Mellitus In Kano, North-Western Nigeria. Arch Diab and Cardio Med 2012;1:35-46
  2. Uloko AE. Recognition and Management of Diabetic Dyslipidaemia – Case Study. Arch Diab and Cardio Med 2012;1:51-52
  3. Uloko AE, Ofoegbu EN, Chinenye S, Fasanmade OA, Fasanmade AA, Ogbera AO,   Osi-Ogbu O, Oli JM, Girei BA, Adamu A. Profile of Nigerians with diabetes mellitus – Diabcare Nigeria study group (2008): Results of a multicenter study. Indian J Endocr Metab 2012;16:558-64.
  4. Damasceno A, Mayosi BM, Sani MU, Ogah OS, Mondo C, Ojji D, et al. The Causes, Treatment, and Outcome of Acute Heart Failure in 1006 Africans From 9 Countries: Results of the Sub-Saharan Africa Survey of Heart Failure. Arch Intern Med. 2012 Sep 3:1-9.
  5. Oyedeji AT, Okunola O,  Sani MU. Atrial septal aneurysm mimicking a cor triatriatum sinister: a case report and review of the literature. Clin Med Insights Case Rep. 2012;5:143-7
  6. Adamu B, Ma'aji SM, Erwin PJ, Tleyjeh IM. Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials on Androgens versus Erythropoietin for Anaemia of Chronic Kidney Disease: Implications for Developing Countries. Int J Nephrol. 2012;2012:580437
  7. Adamu B, Ahmed M, Mushtaq RF, Alshaebi F. Commercial kidney transplantation: trends, outcomes and challenges-a single-centre experience. Ann Afr Med. 2012 Apr-Jun;11(2):70-4.
  8. Royal W 3rd, Cherner M, Carr J, Habib AG, Akomolafe A, Abimiku A, Charurat M, et al.  Clinical features and preliminary studies of virological correlates of neurocognitive impairment among HIV-infected individuals in Nigeria. J Neurovirol. 2012 Jun;18(3):191-9.
  1. Owolabi LF, Ibrahim A. Stroke in young adults: a prospective study from northwestern Nigeria.ISRN Neurol. 2012;2012:468706.
  2. Gwaram BA, Borodo MM. Pattern of Acute Blood Transfusion Reactions in Kano, North-Western Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Basic and Clinical Sciences. Jan – Jun 2012. Vol 9 (1) P 27-32
  3. Iliyasu Z, Gajida AU, Abubakar IS, Shittu O, Babashani M, Aliyu MH Patterns and predictors of cigarette smoking among HIV-infected patients in northern Nigeria. Int J STD AIDS. 2012 Dec; 23(12):849-52.
  4. Nagoda M, Okpapi JU, Babashani M.Assessment of respiratory symptoms and lung function among textile workers at Kano Textile Mills, Kano, Nigeria.Niger J Clin Pract. 2012 Oct-Dec;15(4):373-9
  5. Nagoda M, Uloko AE, Babashani M, Maiyaki M.Histoplasmosis: an elusive re-emerging chest infection.Niger J Clin Pract. 2012 Apr-Jun;15(2):235-7.

Recent Conferences Attended:

  1. Mayo Clinic Update in Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Coronado-Santiago, USA. March 2012 (Dr MM Borodo)
  2. New innovations in Management and Policy Implementation, ARADO, Cairo Egypt, may 2012 ( Dr AI Dutse)
  3. Pulmonary Vascular research Institute scientific meeting, Cape town, S/Africa Feb 2012 (Drs  MU Sani and KM Karaye)
  4. Echocardiography workshop, Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, World Congress of Cardiology, 20th April 2012, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Dr Kamilu M Karaye)
  5. Nigerian Association of Nephrology annual conference held in Enugu, Feb 2012. (Drs Adamu B and Aliyu Abdu)
  6. World Congress of Cardiology, 18-21 April 2012, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Drs MU Sani, MS Mijinyawa and KM Karaye)
  7. 49th European Renal Association / European Dialysis and Transplant Association Congress, Paris, France  May 2012. (Dr Adamu B, Aliyu Abdu and A Nalado)
  8. African Anticoagulation Advisory Board Weekend, Boehringer Ingelheim, 4-7 May 2012, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. (Dr Kamilu M Karaye)
  9. WHO Meeting on Short, Medium and Long Term Product Development Priorities in HIV-Related Diagnostics, Geneva-Switzerland, June, 2012. (Dr Musa Babashani)
  10. 17th world Congress of the International society on Toxinology and 4th International Scientific Symposium on all things Venomous (Venom Week 2012) July 8-13, 2012, Honolulu, Hawai, USA. (Prof Abdulrazaq Habib and Dr MM Dalhat)
  11. Operational Research Course on Methodology and Protocol Development organized by TBCARE/KNCV Netherlands, July, 2012. (Dr Musa Babashani)
  12. Advanced Research Method National Postgraduate  Medical College, Lagos July 2012. (Dr Aliyu Abdu)
  13. South African Congress of Nephrology, Pretoria 30th August – 2nd Sept, 2012. (Dr Aliyu Abdu)
  14. Training of Trainers on Exam regulation, Accreditation and Mentoring, NPMCN, Lagos August, 2012. (Drs MM Borodo, MU Sani, BM Tijjani and ID Gezawa)
  15. 14th International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia September 8th-12th 2012. (Dr Aliyu Abdu)
  16.  Afrinova 2012 Cardiovascular meeting; Micro Labs Ltd; Bangkok Thailand: 2nd-7th October 2012. (Drs MU Sani and KM Karaye)
  17. West African College of Physicians, 36th Annual General and Scientific Meeting, Accra, Ghana, 4th-8th November 2012. (Dr Kamilu M Karaye)
  18. TEPHINET’s Seventh Global Scientific Conference, Amman, Jordan, November 10-15, 2012. (Dr Mahmood M Dalhat)
  19.  Nigerian Cardiac Society, 41st Annual General/Scientific Meeting, Enugu, Nigeria, 22nd-24th November 2012. (Drs MU Sani and Kamilu M Karaye)
  20.  6th Africa-Middle East Congress of  Gastroenterology (AMAGE) Calabar November 2012. (Drs MM Borodo, AA Samila and BM Tijjani)
  21. Annual Scientific Conference of the Nigerian Thoracic Society, Ilorin. December, 2012. (Dr Musa Babashani)
  22. ASPEN/GSK African Cardiovascular & Metabolic Workshop, Accra Ghana. March April 2012. (Drs MU Sani and AE Uloko)
  23. Diabetes Association of Nigeria Triennial Delegates Meeting and Scientific Conference. Port Harcourt, Nigeria. June 2012. (Drs AE Uloko and ID Gezawa)
  24. International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Africa Diabetes Congress and Scientific Meeting. Arusha, Tanzania. July 2012. . (Drs AE Uloko and ID Gezawa)

     25. Conference on Stem cell transplantation. 2012, India. (Dr Baffa Gwaram)

Some Presentation at Conferences

  1. Perceptions of Malabsorption in Developing Countries – Case for Primary Health Care. 6th Congress of AMAGE Calabar. November, 2012. (DR MM Borodo)
  2. Health Records and Ethical Practice. AKTH Workshop for Health Care Workers. December, 2012.( Dr MM Borodo)
  3. Care of the Terminally Ill. Kano NMA Update (CME). June 2012 (Dr. MM Borodo)
  4. Implementation of National Health Information Management in Nigeria at National Conference of Health Information managers Dec 2012 (Dr AI Dutse)
  5. The Physician in administration; a misadventure? A lecture organized by NPMC – November 2012 Dr AI Dutse)
  6. Impact of Sickle Cell Trait Genotype on End Organ Damage in Nigerians with Essential Hypertension. Oral Presentation at World Congress of Cardiology, 18-21 April 2012, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Dr M S Mijinyawa)
  7. Out of Office Blood Pressure and its Correlates Among Adolescents in Kano. Poster Presentation at World Congress of Cardiology, 18-21 April 2012, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Dr M S Mijinyawa)     
  8. Echocardiographic Pattern of Acute Heart Failure in Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano, Nigeria. World Congress of Cardiology Dubai, UAE - April 2012 ( Dr MU Sani)
  9. Antivenom Therapy Following Snakebites: Effectiveness and Strategies for Delivery in West Africa. Oral presentation at the 17th world Congress of the International society on Toxinology and 4th International Scientific Symposium on all things Venomous (Venom Week 2012) July 8-13, 2012, Honolulu, Hawai, USA. (Dr Abdulrazaq Habib)
  10. Determinants of High Cost of Care Among Victims of Snake Bite in Kaltungo, Gombe State, Nigeria, 2009. Oral presentation at the 17th world Congress of the International society on Toxinology and 4th International Scientific Symposium on all things Venomous (Venom Week 2012) July 8-13, 2012, Honolulu, Hawai, USA. (Dr Mahmood M Dalhat)

On Going Collaboration and Linkage in Research:

As at December 2012, there are 25 Consultants and 43 residents in the department. The consultants are listed below and each is at least a Fellow of West African College

S/N Unit        Name of the linkage/collaborations (external or internal) Name & Linkage/Collaboration (Individual/Department/Institutional) Other/Comment
1 Cardiology

RELY – AF Registry

Dr Alex Grinvalds
Drs. Mahmoud U. Sani; Kamilu M. Karaye On going
2 Cardiology & Neurology

PI- Dr Martin J O’Donnell

Drs. Mahmoud U. Sani; Lukman Owolabi On going
3 Cardiology

PI- Prof Bongani Mayosi

Drs. Mahmoud U. Sani; Muhammad S. Mijinyawa On going
4 Cardiology

PI- Prof Bongani Mayosi

Drs. Mahmoud U. Sani; Kamilu M. Karaye On going
5 Cardiology

PI - Prof Bongani Mayosi

Global RHD (REMEDY) Registry
Dr. Mahmoud U. Sani On going
6 Cardiology

PI- Prof Karen Sliwa

B- AHEF Trial
Drs. Mahmoud U. Sani; Muhammad S. Mijinyawa Commencing
7 Cardiology

PI- Dr PJ Devereaux, Canada

Post non-cardiac surgery MI MANAGE Study
Dr. Kamilu M. Karaye Commencing
8 Nephrology Division of Nephrology, Univiversity of Witswaterstrand, South Africa: Prof Saraladevi Naicker  Dr Aliyu Abdu On going 
9 Nephrology Institutions in the UK and Sudan on Kidney transplantation  Drs Adamu Bappa; Aliyu Abdu On going 
10 Pulmonology and Infectious & Tropical Diseases Units Professor William A. Blattner, Institute of Human Virology, Drs Musa Babashani; Muhammad Hamza; Abdulrazaq G. Habib Collaboration on Clinical Care and 
11  Infectious & Tropical Diseases Unit)

Glaxo Smith Kline - SOAR Research Study:

Antibiotic Resistance in Pneumococci
 Prof Abdulrazaq G. Habib On-going project collaboration 

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