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HABIBU UBA RINGINDepartmental Functions:

  1. To provide Pharmaceutical Care to all category of Patients in the hospital.
  2. To provide qualitative and cost effective medicines needed for preventive, curative and diagnostic uses.
  3. To provide information on Medicines and related Pharmaceuticals to Medical Practitioners, Nurses, other health care staff, patients and students.
  4. To conduct research on medicines and medicines related issues departmentally or in collaboration with other departments.
  5. To train Interns and students

Staff Disposition:

(1) Director (Pharmacy)                   -   1

(2) Deputy Director Pharmacist          -   1

(3) Assistant Director Pharmacist       -   3

(4) Chief Pharmacists                      -   8

(5) Assistant Chief Pharmacist          -  16

(6) Principal Pharmacist

(7) Senior Pharmacist

(6) Intern Pharmacist                      -  15

(7) Chief Pharmacy Technician          -   1        

(8) Asst. Chief Pharmacy Technicians -   3

(9) Principal Pharmacy Technicians    -   3

(10) Senior Pharmacy Technicians     -   8

(11) Higher Pharmacy Technicians     -   10

(12) Pharmacy Technicians               -   6

(13) Confidential Secretary               -  1

(14) Clerk                                     -   1

(15) Hospital Attendants                  -   17

(16) Data Processing Assistant          -   1

Level of Performance/Achievements:

The Pharmacy DRF scheme has improved greatly meeting about 95% drug needs of the hospital. Emergency drugs were always available in the period under review. Revenue derived from Pharmacy DRF has increased above that of 2011. The services rendered under ARV scheme have improved significantly. Likewise, the clients coming to DOTS Pharmacy have increased many folds. NHIS Pharmacy has maintained services 24 hours daily, meeting all drug requirements as provided under the guidelines of the scheme. The Retainership Pharmacy has performed creditably well. More clients were registered in all the Pharmacy units including Retainership and NHIS in the year under review.

PharmacyStaff Development:

The hospital had sponsored Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and other staff for different trainings in 2012. One Pharmacists was sponsored for Part II Examinations of the West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacists (WAPCP), while two Pharmacists were sponsored for Part II, and another set of five Pharmacists were sponsored for the Part I  Programmes of the College.

Six Pharmacy Technicians were sponsored for training by PharmaNews  at Lagos. Three Pharmacists were sponsored for the AGM/Scientific Conference of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria held in Abeokuta Ogun State.

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