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Prof LJC AnyanwuThe year has been eventful in training, research and clinical services. Full accreditation was given to the department for Urology, General Surgery and Pediatric surgery training. The department of surgery has recorded many events that put it ahead of its peer both within the hospital and the country at large. The highlights include among others;

1. Improvement in the pass rate of post graduate trainees (residents) in both the West African and National post graduate medical colleges, and also in the final year examination of medical students.

2. Accreditation of the department by both National Postgraduate Medical College and West African Postgraduate Medical College.

3. Changing pattern of disease surgical disease in our environment has been noted through research carried out in the department, with trauma now leading in most emergency presentation. 

4. Neurosurgery services are now fully provided

5. The construction of the new Male and Female Orthopaedics, Burns and Plastic Unit has commenced and is now on the verge of completion to improve admissions in the department.

Staff Disposition:

The Department had the following members of staff in the year under review:

             Consultants                                          Sub specialization                             

  1. Pro. Sani Usman Alhassan                               Urologist   
  2. Prof. Stevens Tijjani Edino                               General Surgeon
  3. Dr. Abdurrahman Abba Sheshe                        General Surgeon
  4. Dr. Mohammed Aminu Mohammed                    Paedriatric Surgeon
  5. Dr. Snii Ali Aji                                                 Urologist
  6. Dr. Abdurrahman.Alhaji Mamuda                      Orthopaedic Surgeon               
  7. Dr Lofty-.John Chukwuemeka Anyanwu            Paediatric Surgeon                                 
  8.  Abubakar Abdulkadir                                      Urologist.                                          
  9. Dr. Mohammed Kabir Abubakar.                       Orthopedic Surgeon
  10. Dr. Hassan Ismail                                          Neurosurgeon                           


  1. Professor H. U. Naaya                                      Sabbatical (Maiduguri)
  2. Dr Sani Ali Aji                                                  Senior Lecturer
  3. Dr L.J.C Anyanwu                                            Senior Lecturer
  4. Dr. Muhammad Kabir Adamu                             Orthopedic   Surgeon           
  5. Dr. Ismail Inuwa                                               Cardiothoracic Surgeon     
  6. Dr. Usman . Adamu. Gwaram                             General Surgeon
  7. Dr Amina Ibrahim El Yakub                                 General Surgeon
  8. Mal Salisu      Aminu Sheka                                 General Surgeon                      

Visiting Consultants:                   

  1. Dr. Sabiu Liadi . Paediatric Surgery Medical Director, Women and Childeren Hospiatal, katsina State.
  2. Dr. Abubakar Abdullahi – Urology  Medical Director, Abubakar Imam Urology Centre, Kano.
  3. Dr. Nasir Jinjiri Ismail - Neurosurgery. Consultant Neurosurgeon/Senior Lecturer, Department of Surgery Usman Danfodio University Teaching Hospital, Sokoto.

Passed  Part II

  • Dr. Muhammmad Bashir Ibrahim                                       Plastics and Cosmetics Surgery
  • Dr. Sani.Abdullahi Giade  (Supernumerary FMC Azare)           Urology

Passed Part I

  • Dr. Nuraddeen Aminu Mohammed (Supernumerary. NOH Dala)                   

Teaching Facilities and Programmes:

The academic programmes in the department were maintained  during the year. These consist of Seminars, Journal Club Meetings, Discharge Summaries and Monthly Mortality reviews. In addition the department joins the departments of Radiology and Pathology fortnightly to discuss relevant topics for the purpose of teaching and research.

The various units of the department also have their specific unit activities. Teaching facilities are well maintained both in the department and theatre.

The Accident and Emergency Nursing programme in collaboration with National Orthopedic Hospital Dala is going on and has already graduated seven sets of students.

Academic Programmes:

The department has continued with its academic programmes with good result as demonstrated by increased number of Residents passing successfully both the two segments of the postgraduate examinations in Nigeria. The programmes were scheduled  to enable all units to participate as well allowing continuation of hospital services.

  1. Tuesdays – Seminar/Journal Club/Consultant Ward Round Radiology/Pathology/Surgical meetings Grand Round.
  2. Fridays   -   Morbidity/Mortality meetings surgical drills/Departmental meeting
  3. Registrars Rotation through Radiology on a fortnightly basis 
  4. Unit programmes/ Drills/ Seminars
  5. Saturdays Ward Rounds
  6. Unit activities/Drills

Undergraduate Programme:

The department has catered for the increased number of medical students recorded in recent times admitted for the MBBS program run by Bayero University Kano.  The appointment of visiting lecturers and the separation of the department into specialized units has assisted in giving the students more better exposure in addition to specialized clinical instruction.  

Clinical Services:

Surgical Outpatient Clinics:

The new outpatient Annex  give  opportunity to the department to get space to run surgical outpatient clinics in the morning. The present setting are:

  •  Mondays – General surgery I, II, III and  Paediatric surgery Units
  •  Wednesday – Neurosurgery, Orthopeadics, and Cardiothoracic Units
  • Thursday – Urology Units  I &II.

Theatre Schedule:

       Main theatre:

  • General Surgery I, II, III. Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Neurosurgery              Thursday                            
  • Orthopedics   and         Cardiothorasic     Unit            Mondays   

Renal Transplant Theatre:

  • Urology   I and II         Mondays
  • Paediatric Surgery     Thursdays

Schedule for Accident and Emergency Theatre:

  • Monday                           General Surgery I/ Neurosurgery
  • Tuesday                           Paediatric/Orthopaedics
  • Wednesday                     Urology/Avdiserlac
  • Thursday                         General Surgery II/Cardio

Renal Transplantation Programme:

The department has actively undertaken renal transplantation as one of its challenges to establish and indigenize the programme and bring this vital life saving service to Nigerians as a whole.  This programme, which is the first in a government Institution, will form the backbone of the foundation of other organ transplantations in this and other Institutions in Nigeria. Currently members of the department are assisting other Institutions to establish Renal Transplantation, program. However the lack of adequate financial, legal backing and facilities has remained a challenge to the continuity of the program. In this regard, the hospital management has initiated collaboration with other institutions abroad to further train all categories of staff in various section of the transplant programme. The kidney transplant now resuscitated and is ongoing. Some philanthropist has shown their interest in working with the  management in order to realize this important programme.

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